Our journey began in 2014 through the collaboration of Saif-ur- Rahman and Razidah Sahlan with the opening of ‘ILM Centre. The Centre is a venue provider to organizations or individuals requiring a space to run classes, conduct private meetings or product launches, and primarily as an administration and logistical provider to Alchemy of Hippie-ness (Saif-ur- Rahman) in its educational programs.

Over the months, there arise a need to learn how to contextualize Islamic teachings with the realities of the world. That gave birth to the idea of travelling as part of our curriculum. While there are many other Fiqh for Musafir classes (Islamic Traveller’s Jurisprudence) being offered island-wide, but none were practical enough for the demanding and jet-setting students that we have. Their travels are far and wide, beyond the common traditional Islamic destinations. We also aimed to distinct ourselves by adopting a holistic approach to our travels which include adventurous, cultural and fun activities along with historical, educational and charitable components added to it.

We embarked on our first Islamic Civilization and Heritage Tour to Andalucía Spain in 2015. The trip was sold out (65 pax) within 2 hours! We conduct this trip twice yearly since then. After sold-out trips to Spain, we visited Morocco in 2016 with 92 pax! It was then that we realized the need to fill the lacunae and established Alchemy of Travel Pte Ltd. The rest and in between, as they say, is history.

Licence No TA 03024

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