We encourage our travellers to discover destinations beyond snapshots of the usual touristy spots. We inspire you to understand the history of your destinations (a free class is usually offered prior to departure) and to juxtapose them with the present day context.

We guide you to travel and experience the places and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present within the destination that you will visit. We often tailor our trips to include face-to-face conversations with locals to mutually exchange rich experiences and ideas.

Our tours will take you on the very footsteps of history and encourages you to reflect on our current predicament. At every interval, there will be reflection times and by the end of the trip, you will be encouraged to consider how those learning points can be applied when you return home. Such tours are aimed to enrich our spiritual and mental selves, expand our horizons and perspectives, transforming us into better persons to our own selves, our families, our communities and the world.

Our Heritage Tours




The history of Andalucía Spain is important as it contributed not only to the development of Muslim civilization, but to humanity generally and promote enhanced human understanding – something very much needed in these times. Its history exemplifies the well being of society and its social harmony, particularly in Toledo. Andalucía was the exact opposite of Europe – a dark, savage land of bigotry and hatred then.

At its height, Andalucía produced a magnificent Muslim civilization – religious tolerance, poetry, music, learned scientists and scholars like Averroës, great libraries (the main library at Cordoba alone had 400,000 books), public baths, and splendid architecture (like the palace complex of the Alhambra and the Grand Mosque of Cordoba). These great achievements were the result of collaboration between Muslims, Christians and Jews. In fact, the work of the great Jewish Rabbi Maimonides was written in the Arabic language. It was a time when a Muslim ruler had a Jewish chief minister and a Catholic archbishop as his foreign minister. The Spanish called this period La Convivencia, or co-existence.

You will be amazed as you walked on the very footsteps of history, not only through its mesmerizing architecture, but also through its gardens, its culture, its food and its people.

This is our best-selling tour and it is always sold out. Don’t miss the chance to experience the grandeur of Europe through a forgotten lens.

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