Apart from Heritage Tours, we also provide interesting packages for our clients. Such packages are shorter and more relaxed in nature, but we still maintain the professional and personalized quality of service that is the trademark of our company.

There are three basic categories within our packages to suit all of your travelling needs: tours based on various themes, tours based on continents and retreats of many kinds.

To find out more about our interesting packages, connect with us below.

Our Packages

Theme Tour

Our Theme Tours reflect our holistic approach to life and to travel. Apart from Heritage and Educational tours, we offer our travellers various packages to suit their interests and needs. If you have any specific interest, do drop us a note and we can organize a trip catered specifically to your needs and interest.

Some travellers prefer to just hang loose during their travels. We organize Family Getaways tour to encourage and provide you with a platform to reconnect with your families. We have nearby destinations meant to emphasis quality time spent doing activities together instead of spending unnecessary long time on flights. Such destinations include the culturally vibrant Yogyakarta, socially diverse Melbourne, historically rich Vietnam and many more.

We also organize trips during Secretary’s Week and Thank You Trips to express our love to anyone whom we wish to thank, such as our mothers or friends. If you want absolute freedom, there are many Free & Easy trips. Just name it, and we will organize one for you!

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